The Opportunities with the UMG Magazine are endless.  Whether you would like to utilize the organization or be a part of its Administrative or Executive level, the sky is the limit.  Individuals may even acquire a licensing and work with us on a global level.

There are opportunities for:

  • Individuals who would like to become more involved with the organization
  • Individuals and businesses who would like to utilize the organization for their career and/business advancement
  • Individuals who would like to earn worldwide by working with the organization
  • Businesses who would like to gain more exposure and awareness through sponsorship
  • Music Fans who would like to receive free or prereleased music, updates, news and chances to win cash, prizes, ticket to events, chances to meet their favorite artists and much more….
  • Individuals and business who wish to benefit from Membership

No matter the desire, there are numerous opportunities for advancement, perks, benefits, savings and also to earn.

Contact us through the contact tab section of this site to learn more about the multitude of opportunities available to you through the Urban Media Global Network Collective and Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network partnering with UMG Magazine.